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Re: Is this normal with USB mice?

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 07:06:13PM -0800, Osamu Aoki wrote:
| Dman, help me out, I am confused :-(
| On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 07:03:00PM -0500, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:

| > Here's the problem.  When you have no mouse plugged in the device file
| > doesn't exist.  Thus X can't open the device file, thus it ignores
| > that "bad" part of the configuration.  The solution is for the device
| > file to exist even when there is no mouse to read data from.
| > 
| > My current configuration on the laptop is :
| >     1)  gpm runs, it reads directly from /dev/misc/psaux (the
| >             touchpad) and /dev/input/mice (any and all USB mice)
| Yes, I now do this too.  /etc/gpm.conf has append set with
| append="-M -m /dev/input/mice"

I suppose that's the easy way to do it :-).  I patched the init script
so the variables device2, type2, responsiveness2, and append2 are
recognized.  The net result is the same.

| >     2)  gpm provides a raw repeater as /dev/gpmdata
| -M force repeater and default repeater is ms3.  So set /etc/gpm.conf
| with 
| repeat_type=raw

Yes.  Set that for the second mouse too.

| >     3)  X reads from the gpm repeater and directly from
| >             /dev/input/mice
| ???
| Is this right?? or typo.  I would say

It's right.

| I do not understand why you try to let USB mouse read by gpm and X at
| the same time?  Any special reason exists?

I don't know why.  I set it up a long time ago and don't remember why
X reads both.  It's probably because at the time I didn't know how to
get gpm to read 2 mice, so I set it to read the touchpad (PS/2) and
had the USB working in X only.  Later I made gpm read from both mice
but didn't touch the X config (and it didn't break so I had no need
to, I didn't notice until I looked while writing the previous post).

| Even if X can not find /dev/input/mice during boot, X get signal from
| USB mouse through gpm anyway.

Yeah.  I should try changing that ... maybe the mouse will be half as
sensitive since X wouldn't be getting a double signal?  The USB mouse
is quite a bit more sensitive than the Microsoft PS/2 mouse at the
office.  (I leave that one at the office since it isn't nearly as nice
as the Logitech, and I can't get an IMPS/2 mouse to work with the
wheel on the PS/2 port without breaking the PS/2 touchpad)

| > I can hot plug a USB mouse in the system at any time.  The
| > /dev/input/mice file exists even though I don't currently have the USB
| > mouse plugged in.
| ???

Jack's problem was that the file /dev/input/mice didn't exist, thus X
couldn't open it during startup.  If he plugged the mouse in before
starting X the file would then exist and the mouse would work.  I have
the file even without the mouse plugged in, hence I don't have the

The solution was found, mentioned in message
<[🔎] 20030122062430.GA853@penguinpowered.com>.  I have the input and
mousedev modules loaded at boot time.  If you add those to
/etc/modules then you don't need the 'hotplug' package to hot plug a
USB mouse.

| > On my desktop at home I have gpm set up identically, but X only reads
| > from gpm's repeater.  It works as well without restarting X or gpm,
| Yes this looks more normal to me.

Indeed.  :-).

| > probably because the device file exists even though the USB mouse in
| > in the laptop case (and a ps2 mouse is plugged into the desktop).
| I am confused.  You mean your desktop PC only have ps2 mouse and USB is
| not used on desktop.

I have a USB mouse and a PS/2 mouse (both nice Logitech MouseMan
Wheels).  Normally the USB mouse is in my desktop, but sometimes I
take it with me to use on the laptop.  I plugged the PS/2 mouse into
the desktop so it would still have a mouse when I took the USB one.
So, at the time of writing the above (and now) the desktop has only a
PS/2 mouse.  But it usually has both and I just use the USB one (the
PS/2 I got used and has a bad spring on the roller, so the USB one
actually has better feel).  If I plug the USB mouse into the desktop
right now it would just work.


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