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Re: (forw) [hugh@mjr.org: Re: Quick aptitude question...]

* Hugh Saunders (hugh@mjr.org) wrote:
> not avoiding woodyr1 but i dont have fast connection [56k dialup] so i
> want to aptiutude to install what i select and its dependencies [nothing
> else- bit like apt-get install -which is what i end up using!] but as
> ive fiddled about with it, aptitude has a list of about 150 packages it
> wants to upgrade/install so everytime i use aptitude i use the shift-i
> to only install what i want. [if want to upgrade, do apt-get update &&
> apt-get upgrade -y and leve it over night!]
> so not essential as can  use apt-get but to make aptitude more usefull
> it would be good to be able synchronise its status with the current
> system package status

hum, you _could_ rename sources.list, do an update then put it back...

not sure if that'd cause a plaugue of locusts or not though.


> hugh
> ps: replying to right place this time!
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