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Re: (forw) [hugh@mjr.org: Re: Quick aptitude question...]

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 11:20:25PM +0000, iain d broadfoot wrote:
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> Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:57:15 +0000
> From: Hugh Saunders <hugh@mjr.org>
> To: iain d broadfoot <ibroadfo@cis.strath.ac.uk>
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> Subject: Re: Quick aptitude question...
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> On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 09:22:46PM +0000, iain d broadfoot wrote:
> > * ZephyrQ (ZephyrQ@att.net) wrote:
> > > 
> > > 	I'm trying to take better control of my installation, and fired up
> > > aptitude.  I inadvertently tried to do an upgrade (to woody rc1) a while
> > > back and am trying to cancel it.  Is there a way to 'wipe' queued
> > > actions and/or reset aptitude?
> > > 
> > 
> > when you hit 'g' to get the 'do this' screen, select the lines that say
> > 'install' or 'upgrade' or similar, and hit '_' to purge, '-' to remove
> > or '=' to hold(hold means keep installed, don't upgrade) - this should
> > cut down the number of things on the todo list.
> if youve told aptitude you want to upgrade a package, but havent
> actually done the upgrade,  how do you then
> reset its status to installed -its  a pain to do hold as that break
> dependencies when you upgrade other things.
> hugh
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> i'm not sure you can, using aptitude - it likes upgrading automatically.
> have a look in the options to see if you can turn off that behaviour.
> at the same time, why do you want to avoid woodyr1 exactly?
not avoiding woodyr1 but i dont have fast connection [56k dialup] so i
want to aptiutude to install what i select and its dependencies [nothing
else- bit like apt-get install -which is what i end up using!] but as
ive fiddled about with it, aptitude has a list of about 150 packages it
wants to upgrade/install so everytime i use aptitude i use the shift-i
to only install what i want. [if want to upgrade, do apt-get update &&
apt-get upgrade -y and leve it over night!]

so not essential as can  use apt-get but to make aptitude more usefull
it would be good to be able synchronise its status with the current
system package status


ps: replying to right place this time!

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