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RE: URGENT: Building kernel.

The debian way can be found, if I understand, with "man make-kpkg"

Kevin, I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised. I sure as <expletive deleted
at author request> was.

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Before you compile your Kernel (In this case you'll need to start again) and
probably do a 'make clean' in the source directory followed by 'make
menuconfig' then find the option about RAMDISK SUPPORT - then turn it off!

then I'd 'make dep', 'make modules'.. &c.

PS. I don't think this is the Debian *way* of doing the compile but I never
had a problem my way so I've never bothered to learn how to do it the Debian

Anyhow, essentially the answer is to turn off the RAMDISK SUPPORT in your
Kernel Configuration seetings prior to compilation.

Hope this helps,



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Dear all,
I am installing the linux kernel 2.4.18 in debian following the instructions
found in the url:

At the final step for installing the new kernel and module packages: "dpkg
-i {list of .deb packages from the previous step} I receive the following
error message:

rena2:/usr/src# dpkg -i kernel-image-2.4.18myhost1_10.00.Custom_i386.deb
(Reading database ... 54323 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace kernel-image-2.4.18myhost1 10.00.Custom (using
-2.4.18myhost1_10.00.Custom_i386.deb) ...

You are attempting to install an initrd kernel image (version
This will not work unless you have configured your boot loader to use
initrd. (An initrd image is a kernel image that expects to use an INITial
Ram Disk to mount a minimal root file system into RAM and use that for
booting). As a reminder, in order to configure lilo, you need to add an
'initrd=/initrd.img' to the image=/vmlinuz stanza of your /etc/lilo.conf I
repeat, You need to configure your boot loader. If you have already done so,
and you wish to get rid of this message, please put
  `do_initrd = Yes'
in /etc/kernel-img.conf. Note that this is optional, but if you do not,
you'll contitnue to see this message whenever you install a kernel image
using initrd. Do you want to stop now? [Y/n]n Unpacking replacement
kernel-image-2.4.18myhost1 ... Setting up kernel-image-2.4.18myhost1
(10.00.Custom) ... Failed to create initrd image.
dpkg: error processing kernel-image-2.4.18myhost1 (--install):  subprocess
post-installation script returned error exit status 2 Errors were
encountered while processing:  kernel-image-2.4.18myhost1 rena2:/usr/src#

Could you please help me???

I'm looking foward for your answer.


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