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Re: HD access

You'r lucky :-)
I've only '01 01 01 01....' after 'DMI pool DATA...'

The BIOS recognize the nbrs of cylinders but not the size.
I changed the jumpers to 15 heads and had no more success.
I forgot, the HD is only a few mounths old (not an old one).
I remember a similar message 6-10 months ago from an other user 
but forgot on what list :-(


On Thu, 9 Jan 2003 10:10:52 -0600
Nathan E Norman <nnorman@incanus.net> wrote:

| On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 12:23:42AM +0100, mess-mate wrote:
| > Happy new year...... and
| > I can't access my HD, 60GB, jumpers set to master.
| > On the bios he's recognized as only +/- 8.5GB ???
| > Tryed several settings in the bios as auto,user,mode, etc..
| > without success.
| > MB Pentium (1) 233Mhz.
| > The strange thing is that he did it before I mounted him 
| > on my new box where he runs as a charm.
| > Any help would be very appreciated.
| I must be missing something, but it doesn't really matter whether your
| BIOS can "see" all of your drive or not.  Linux doesn't use the BIOS
| to talk to the drive, so as long as you can get linux to boot you're
| ok.
| I have an ancient Pentium 90 whose BIOS is convinced that no hard
| drives are attached!  Yet the system boots fine :)
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