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Re: xterm menus

Richard Cobbe wrote:
Lo, on Monday, January 6, will trillich did write:


From /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color:

! The following two sections take advantage of new features in version 7
! of the Athena widget library.  Comment them out if you have a shallow
! color depth.

... or if you use a dark background with your xterms, like I do....


aha! that's exactly the same as mine, and yet gray15 appears to
be misinterpreted as white on my menus. i commented out that
whole section (quoted above) and they're now hideous, but i can
read them all.

What does `hideous' mean here, specifically?  I commented these same
lines out back when I upgraded to woody, and now my xterm menus look
fine---same foreground and background colors as the main terminal
window.  I'd think you'd get the same results (unless you've set these
resources with xrdb or something).

Another place to look is to see if the relevant colour is
defined in /etc/X11/rgb.txt

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