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Re: xterm menus

Lo, on Monday, January 6, will trillich did write:


>From /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color:

> > ! The following two sections take advantage of new features in version 7
> > ! of the Athena widget library.  Comment them out if you have a shallow
> > ! color depth.

... or if you use a dark background with your xterms, like I do....

> > *mainMenu*backgroundPixmap:     
> > gradient:vertical?dimension=350&start=gray90&end=gray60
> > *mainMenu*foreground:           gray15
> > *vtMenu*backgroundPixmap:       
> > gradient:vertical?dimension=445&start=gray90&end=gray60
> > *vtMenu*foreground:             gray15
> > *fontMenu*backgroundPixmap:     
> > gradient:vertical?dimension=220&start=gray90&end=gray60
> > *fontMenu*foreground:           gray15
> > *tekMenu*backgroundPixmap:      
> > gradient:vertical?dimension=205&start=gray90&end=gray60
> > *tekMenu*foreground:            gray15
> <snip>
> aha! that's exactly the same as mine, and yet gray15 appears to
> be misinterpreted as white on my menus. i commented out that
> whole section (quoted above) and they're now hideous, but i can
> read them all.

What does `hideous' mean here, specifically?  I commented these same
lines out back when I upgraded to woody, and now my xterm menus look
fine---same foreground and background colors as the main terminal
window.  I'd think you'd get the same results (unless you've set these
resources with xrdb or something).


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