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Re: xterm menus

will trillich wrote:
On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 07:46:02PM +1100, Russell wrote:

If you press Ctrl + mouse button (1,2,3 or whatever) over an xterm, you can
change various settings and fonts and make the home and end keys work etc...

when i do this (woody, using gnome with sawfish) control-click
thing i get a menu, but the background is a white-to-light-gray
vignette (top-to-bottom) and the text is white! very hard to

for the rest of my environment (desktop-click, for example) i
get black text and all is delightfully readable. but not for
xterm popup menus.

how do i change those specs?

Without reading lots of manuals, all i can suggest is trying the
same /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm as i have:

! $Xorg: XTerm.ad,v 1.3 2000/08/17 19:55:08 cpqbld Exp $
! $XFree86: xc/programs/xterm/XTerm.ad,v 3.21 2001/10/08 01:08:10 dickey Exp $


*SimpleMenu*BackingStore: NotUseful
*SimpleMenu*menuLabel.font: -adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--*-120-*-*-*-*-iso8859-*
*SimpleMenu*menuLabel.vertSpace: 	100
*SimpleMenu*HorizontalMargins: 16
*SimpleMenu*Sme.height:	16

*SimpleMenu*Cursor: left_ptr

*mainMenu.Label:  Main Options
*mainMenu*securekbd*Label:  Secure Keyboard
*mainMenu*allowsends*Label:  Allow SendEvents
*mainMenu*logging*Label:  Log to File
*mainMenu*print*Label:  Print Window
*mainMenu*redraw*Label:  Redraw Window
*mainMenu*8-bit control*Label: 8-Bit Controls
*mainMenu*backarrow key*Label: Backarrow Key (BS/DEL)
*mainMenu*num-lock*Label: Alt/NumLock Modifiers
*mainMenu*meta-esc*Label: Meta Sends Escape
*mainMenu*delete-is-del*Label: Delete is DEL
*mainMenu*oldFunctionKeys*Label: Old Function-Keys
*mainMenu*sunFunctionKeys*Label: Sun Function-Keys
*mainMenu*sunKeyboard*Label: VT220 Keyboard
*mainMenu*hpFunctionKeys*Label: HP Function-Keys
*mainMenu*scoFunctionKeys*Label: SCO Function-Keys
*mainMenu*suspend*Label:  Send STOP Signal
*mainMenu*continue*Label:  Send CONT Signal
*mainMenu*interrupt*Label:  Send INT Signal
*mainMenu*hangup*Label:  Send HUP Signal
*mainMenu*terminate*Label:  Send TERM Signal
*mainMenu*kill*Label:  Send KILL Signal
*mainMenu*quit*Label:  Quit

*vtMenu.Label:  VT Options
*vtMenu*scrollbar*Label:  Enable Scrollbar
*vtMenu*jumpscroll*Label:  Enable Jump Scroll
*vtMenu*reversevideo*Label:  Enable Reverse Video
*vtMenu*autowrap*Label:  Enable Auto Wraparound
*vtMenu*reversewrap*Label:  Enable Reverse Wraparound
*vtMenu*autolinefeed*Label:  Enable Auto Linefeed
*vtMenu*appcursor*Label:  Enable Application Cursor Keys
*vtMenu*appkeypad*Label:  Enable Application Keypad
*vtMenu*scrollkey*Label:  Scroll to Bottom on Key Press
*vtMenu*scrollttyoutput*Label:  Scroll to Bottom on Tty Output
*vtMenu*allow132*Label: Allow 80/132 Column Switching
*vtMenu*cursesemul*Label:  Enable Curses Emulation
*vtMenu*visualbell*Label:  Enable Visual Bell
*vtMenu*poponbell*Label:  Enable Pop on Bell
*vtMenu*marginbell*Label:  Enable Margin Bell
*vtMenu*cursorblink*Label: Enable Blinking Cursor
*vtMenu*titeInhibit*Label:  Enable Alternate Screen Switching
*vtMenu*activeicon*Label: Enable Active Icon
*vtMenu*softreset*Label:  Do Soft Reset
*vtMenu*hardreset*Label:  Do Full Reset
*vtMenu*clearsavedlines*Label:  Reset and Clear Saved Lines
*vtMenu*tekshow*Label:  Show Tek Window
*vtMenu*tekmode*Label:  Switch to Tek Mode
*vtMenu*vthide*Label:  Hide VT Window
*vtMenu*altscreen*Label:  Show Alternate Screen

*fontMenu.Label:  VT Fonts
*fontMenu*fontdefault*Label:	Default
*fontMenu*font1*Label:	Unreadable
*VT100*font1:		nil2
*IconFont:		nil2
*fontMenu*font2*Label:	Tiny
*VT100*font2:		5x7
*fontMenu*font3*Label:	Small
*VT100*font3:		6x10
*fontMenu*font4*Label:	Medium
*VT100*font4:		7x13
*fontMenu*font5*Label:	Large
*VT100*font5:		9x15
*fontMenu*font6*Label:	Huge
*VT100*font6:		10x20
*fontMenu*fontescape*Label:	Escape Sequence
*fontMenu*fontsel*Label:		Selection
!fontescape and fontsel overridden by application
*fontMenu*font-linedrawing*Label: Line-Drawing Characters
*fontMenu*font-doublesize*Label: Doublesized Characters
*fontMenu*font-loadable*Label:	VT220 Soft Fonts

*tekMenu.Label:  Tek Options
*tekMenu*tektextlarge*Label:  Large Characters
*tekMenu*tektext2*Label:  #2 Size Characters
*tekMenu*tektext3*Label:  #3 Size Characters
*tekMenu*tektextsmall*Label:  Small Characters
*tekMenu*tekpage*Label:  PAGE
*tekMenu*tekreset*Label:  RESET
*tekMenu*tekcopy*Label:  COPY
*tekMenu*vtshow*Label:  Show VT Window
*tekMenu*vtmode*Label:  Switch to VT Mode
*tekMenu*tekhide*Label:  Hide Tek Window

*tek4014*fontLarge: 9x15
*tek4014*font2: 8x13
*tek4014*font3: 6x13
*tek4014*fontSmall: 6x10

*backarrowKeyIsErase: true
*ptyInitialErase: true

My /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color is:

! $XFree86: xc/programs/xterm/XTerm-col.ad,v 3.0 1995/09/17 06:33:11 dawes Exp $

#include "XTerm"

*VT100*colorMode: on
*VT100*boldColors: on
*VT100*dynamicColors: on

*VT100*foreground: gray90
*VT100*background: black

! Uncomment this to use color for underline attribute
!*VT100*colorULMode: on
!*VT100*underLine: off

! Uncomment this to use color for the bold attribute
!*VT100*colorBDMode: on

! Uncomment this to use the bold/underline colors in preference to other colors
!*VT100*colorAttrMode: on

*VT100*color0: black
*VT100*color1: #800000
*VT100*color2: #008000
*VT100*color3: #808000
*VT100*color4: #000080
!magenta (pinkish)
*VT100*color5: #800080
!cyan (aqua)
*VT100*color6: #008080
*VT100*color7: #c0c0c0
*VT100*color8: black
*VT100*color9: red
*VT100*color10: green
*VT100*color11: yellow
*VT100*color12: blue
*VT100*color13: magenta
*VT100*color14: cyan
*VT100*color15: white
*VT100*cursorColor: Black
*VT100*colorUL: white
*VT100*colorBD: white

! The following two sections take advantage of new features in version 7
! of the Athena widget library.  Comment them out if you have a shallow
! color depth.
*mainMenu*backgroundPixmap:     gradient:vertical?dimension=350&start=gray90&end=gray60
*mainMenu*foreground:           gray15
*vtMenu*backgroundPixmap:       gradient:vertical?dimension=445&start=gray90&end=gray60
*vtMenu*foreground:             gray15
*fontMenu*backgroundPixmap:     gradient:vertical?dimension=220&start=gray90&end=gray60
*fontMenu*foreground:           gray15
*tekMenu*backgroundPixmap:      gradient:vertical?dimension=205&start=gray90&end=gray60
*tekMenu*foreground:            gray15

*VT100.Scrollbar.thumb:         vlines2
*VT100.Scrollbar.width:         14
*VT100.Scrollbar.background:    gray60
*VT100.Scrollbar.foreground:    rgb:a/5/5
*VT100.Scrollbar.borderWidth:   0
foreground      gray90;\
lines           1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1;\
foreground      gray60;\
lines           -1,0,0,0,0,-1

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