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Re: Windows Telnet

Jason Pepas wrote:
I've actually had a little bit of a bad experience trying to do this.
I have Deep XResources Magic that causes fonts to come up at the
reported resolution of the display and to prefer scalable fonts,
rather than using fixed 75 or 100dpi fonts.  My normal xterm font is
11pt Courier; trying 'xterm -fa Courier -fs 11' comes out looking
noticably different (notably, with more leading).

*tries  xterm -fa "Lucida Console" -fs 14*
*jaw hits the floor loudly*
*hand smacks forehead for not realizing he could have simply used xterm all along...*

If you press Ctrl + mouse button (1,2,3 or whatever) over an xterm, you can
change various settings and fonts and make the home and end keys work etc...

Now, before I bother to figure this out myself, I should ask if anyone else has bothered to figure out exactly how to make the xterm colors *exactly* the same as the linux tty colors?

I have gotten this as a starting point:

edit /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color:

*VT100*color0: black
*VT100*color1: red
*VT100*color2: green
*VT100*color3: yellow
*VT100*color4: blue
*VT100*color5: magenta
*VT100*color6: cyan
*VT100*color7: white
*VT100*color8: black
*VT100*color9: red
*VT100*color10: green
*VT100*color11: yellow
*VT100*color12: blue
*VT100*color13: magenta
*VT100*color14: cyan
*VT100*color15: white
*VT100*colorUL: yellow
*VT100*colorBD: white

I don't really know anything about xresources, so the *VT100... part might be non-ideal. Also, these colors are just a starting point.

You set the xterm default colours system-wide by putting the above settings
into /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color.

The linux console uses black,red,green,yellow,blue,magenta,
cyan, white for foreground colours 30-37 and background
colours 40-47 (man console_codes, man xterm). These are all
lower intensity, and are made full intensity with the bold
attribute. To map the same thing in an xterm, color[0..7]
are lower intensity, and color[8..15] are full intensity:

*VT100*color0: black
*VT100*color1: #c00000
*VT100*color2: #00c000
*VT100*color3: #c0c000
*VT100*color4: #0000c0
!magenta (pinkish)
*VT100*color5: #c000c0
!cyan (aqua)
*VT100*color6: #00c0c0
*VT100*color7: #c0c0c0
*VT100*color8: black
*VT100*color9: red
*VT100*color10: green
*VT100*color11: yellow
*VT100*color12: blue
*VT100*color13: magenta
*VT100*color14: cyan
*VT100*color15: white
*VT100*cursorColor: Black
*VT100*colorUL: white
*VT100*colorBD: white

Put this into ~/.Xresources or /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color.

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