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Re: hard drive partitioning questions - more

hi ya nori

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Nori Heikkinen wrote:

> - i *do* need to specifically partition /home as its own partition,
>   right?  yeah, okay, i do.  and this can be the entire rest of the
>   disk?  i don't need to leave anything left over?  or should i, just
>   as some sort of security backup, in case i were to need to
>   repartition ... or is that not even an option?

for "security" stuff...
	- debian is "self-securitized" :-)  lot less "thinking needed"
	by new users
		- just run update and upgrade whenever you feel paranoid
		or willing to seee what lurks

if you want to re-partition... sayd take the 10GB /home and make it into
two 5GB /home1 /home2 ... you can do so,  just amke sure you have enough
disk space to move things around and reformat each new partition and
restore the orig data and magic... 

if you're worried about backups..
	- it should be a diffferent disk... there is zero point to
	backuping up files on the same parition
		- if that partition goes bad, you lose your orig data
		and its backup

	- just as bad to backup on the same disks
		- disks does die once in a while

- always backup to a different driver or different media

c ya

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