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Re: ext3 kernel bug, was: Compiling a kernel on an UltraSparc?

On 12/23/02 19:46, Nathan E Norman wrote:

'man mount' tells you what the options _are_ ... finding out what the
options _do_ is a bit more work :)  I haven't actually found a great
reference for ext3 yet.

Thank you.

So, 'data=ordered' (default) means that the data is written to the file system before the (meta)data is written to the journal.

And 'data=journal' means that the data is written to the journal before it is written to the file system.

. . . and the journal is kind of a marker-database (the 'meta' part of the data) that keeps track of the whats and the wheres of the actual data.

I guess I'd better be exploring this further ;-)

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