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Re: Cannon USB Cammera

>>>>> "Aryan" == Aryan Ameri <a.ameri@linuxiran.org> writes:


Aryan> I don't know how usbdevfs should be mounted, there is nothing in
Aryan> fstab, but the directory /proc/bus/usb exists.

I'm not sure exactly how it gets mounted, but when I run "mount", it
shows a line:

usbdevfs on /proc/bus/usb type usbdevfs (rw)

I think that it's something the kernel does by itself.

>> When you plug the camera in, a new file should appear in
>> /proc/bus/usb/00?/.

Aryan> nothing appears under /proc/bus/usb/ nither a file, nor a
Aryan> directory.

You should have a couple of files and one or more directories.  Which
kernel are you using?  Is it a stock Debian kernel, or one that you
compiled yourself?

Hmm.  Googling for usbdevfs, brings up this page:


See if that helps.

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