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Cannon USB Cammera

Hi all:
I have a Cannon PowerShot A40 Cammera, which (after upgrading gphoto and 
gtkam), works perfectly well with Mandrake 9.0, but isn't working with Debian 
(mixture of sarge and sid).
On debian, I am using the same version of gtkam (a gphoto frontend) that I'm 
using under Mandrake, and my cammera, powershot A40, is indeed listed in the 
cammera's lists. But when gtkam tries detecting the cammera, it gives me two 
error messages
" could not list folders in '/' "
" could not initialize cammera".

I checked modconf, and although many USB devices are selected and loaded, I 
couldn't find any cannon thing. Any ideas on why this is happenning?


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