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Re: wall command only broadcasts to gnome-terminal?

> > Why does wall only broadcast to a gnome-terminal and why won't
> > it broadcast to my KDE desktop?
> because that's all it was designed to do, broadcast to the terminals.
> to broadcast to the X server it would need authorization to connect to
> it. So wall does not have this functionality.

Let me be more Debian specific.  I have been playing with apcupsd and
on my RedHat box, when the power goes out, the apccontrol script broadcasts a 
message on the KDE desktop using Kwrited.  I can't get this functionality  to 
work on Debian.  Both boxes are using apcupsd 3.8.5.  How can I get Debian to 
do the same?   Not a big deal really....just trying to learn something new....

Thanks,  Andy

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