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Re: sound problem -ES1869

On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 01:36:42PM -0600, Russ Cook wrote:
> Thanks!  IRQ 5 works.  I can now play wav and mp3 files with XMMS.
> Confused as to why the /proc/interrups file didn't help me.

It helped me. I looked at an interrupt level table (the table that I
showed in my previous response) and your /proc/interrupts. From your
/proc/interrupts, I saw which interrupts you were using, and with my
table, I could see which interrupts were safe to use.

> Can you now tell me how to get midi file capability?  xmms does
> not play my midi files.  neither does playmidi or mpg123.
> I get the error:  open /dev/sequencer: No such device or address
> What must I do to configure a midi player?

modprobe opl3


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