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Re: how to trans jpg to gif

eric lin said:
> Hi nate:
>    Some Last article you ever mention about broadcast to other site not
> by hyperlink or upload but directly by owncompany's real time concurcent
>   server is high trafic, and is not allow at some site.
>    Is that possible not because my perl or apache not configure well but
> becase my this idea to broadcast to web be blocked by my isp?
>    that company called centurytel.net or .com,  I also have a credit
> transaction site can be access. probably related about them.
> hope to see your or any advancer's advice(if that is what I guess, I may
> be switch isp in short time)

if your referring to blocking according to the referrer header, this is
possible, most sites don't do it. If you are certain your loading the
image correctly, contact the webmaster of the site your linking to and
ask them.


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