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Re: Sylpheed and mail clients (was: Can Kmail be used outside of KDE)?

At 08:31 AM 12/18/02 +0000, Carlos Sousa wrote:

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this -- it's been one of those weeks.

>On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 18:00:25 -0800 Bill Moseley wrote:
>> That version of Sylpheed doesn't seem to deal well with counting new
>> messages, and when I use the threaded view I seem to miss new
>> messages.  I need to figure out how to show messages in *received*
>> order.
>Must be a temporary breakage. I'm using vanilla Sylpheed 0.8.6, it
>counts the messages right, doesn't miss any messages and the default
>order is received order. 

Perhaps, although I seemed to have the same bad luck a few months ago.  I
just renamed my Mail and .sylpheed directories and it fixed the counting
problems with the inbox, but now the trash count is wrong (says there's new
messages when there isn't).

>> That also causes a weird effect when replying even when the original
>> message was wrapped sylpheed still sometimes will wrap again so it
>> looks like:
>>   > so you see a line like this and then sylpheed wraps
>>   right here
>>   > so you get a wrapped word or two without "> ". 
>It definately does not do that here. It wraps quotations correctly,
>readjusting the > marker when necessary.

This is what it does on my machine.  It makes replying to long email
messages awkward.


>If you want to wait to wrap before sending, click the Linewrap button.

I can't get that button (or any of the menu wrap options) to do anything.
I've tried different combinations of the Compose wrap options, too.  I'm
trying both the latest source tarball from the claws site, and the Debian
package from testing and now unstable.  

What wrap options are you using?

How do you compose a message with a lot of text that you want wrapped, but
also include things like URLs that you do not want wrapped?

>It seems that all the problems you've presented about Sylpheed are
>easily overcome by carefully chosing your preferences. Also, Perhaps you
>would be better served by the vannila (stable) Sylpheed version.

Perhaps.  A lot of people really like Sylpheed, so I'm sure these problems
are not showing up for everyone -- I hope it's just a configuration issue.


Bill Moseley

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