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Re: Sylpheed and mail clients (was: Can Kmail be used outside of KDE)?

On Sat, 21 Dec 2002 21:12:41 -0800
Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org> wrote:

> At 08:31 AM 12/18/02 +0000, Carlos Sousa wrote:
> Sorry for taking so long to get back to this -- it's been one of those weeks.
> >On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 18:00:25 -0800 Bill Moseley wrote:
> >> That version of Sylpheed doesn't seem to deal well with counting new
> >> messages, and when I use the threaded view I seem to miss new
> >> messages.  I need to figure out how to show messages in *received*
> >> order.
> >
> >Must be a temporary breakage. I'm using vanilla Sylpheed 0.8.6, it
> >counts the messages right, doesn't miss any messages and the default
> >order is received order. 
> Perhaps, although I seemed to have the same bad luck a few months ago.  I
> just renamed my Mail and .sylpheed directories and it fixed the counting
> problems with the inbox, but now the trash count is wrong (says there's new
> messages when there isn't).

Did you right click on "Mailbox (MH)" folder and "rebuild folder tree" ?

> >> That also causes a weird effect when replying even when the original
> >> message was wrapped sylpheed still sometimes will wrap again so it
> >> looks like:
> >> 
> >>   > so you see a line like this and then sylpheed wraps
> >>   right here
> >>   > so you get a wrapped word or two without "> ". 
> >
> >It definately does not do that here. It wraps quotations correctly,
> >readjusting the > marker when necessary.
> This is what it does on my machine.  It makes replying to long email
> messages awkward.
>    http://hank.org/images/sylpheed.png
That image looks just like mine - it looks like you have "short" lines but then when you send it should wrap correctly.
> >If you want to wait to wrap before sending, click the Linewrap button.
> I can't get that button (or any of the menu wrap options) to do anything.
> I've tried different combinations of the Compose wrap options, too.  I'm
> trying both the latest source tarball from the claws site, and the Debian
> package from testing and now unstable.  
> What wrap options are you using?
> How do you compose a message with a lot of text that you want wrapped, but
> also include things like URLs that you do not want wrapped?
I don't know about this, sorry... i just put a colon and the url on it's own line, if it still wraps that the receivers issue :) for example:
I know that isnt long enough to wrap though, sorry.

> >It seems that all the problems you've presented about Sylpheed are
> >easily overcome by carefully chosing your preferences. Also, Perhaps you
> >would be better served by the vannila (stable) Sylpheed version.
> Perhaps.  A lot of people really like Sylpheed, so I'm sure these problems
> are not showing up for everyone -- I hope it's just a configuration issue.
I use claws and get the CVS version compiled regularly...  obviously sylpheed-claws isnt perfect, but for every "darn" I get one "cool", know what I mean? :)
You could try posting to sylpheed-claws-users@sourceforge.lists.com with your issues too.
> Thanks,
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