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Re: Compiling a kernel on an UltraSparc?

Gerald V. Livingston II said:
> Is there any special info on getting a 2.4.20 kernel to compile under
> woody on a Sun UltraSparc-1 Creator.

I'm not sure how closely you track the kernel but I've read several
places that the "generic" kernel is rarely the choice for anything
other then x86. the non x86 stuff is not always in sync, doesn't always
work etc ...that said, where did you get the sources? I would expect
the source package for whatever kernels debian has to build on the
sparc. But if your getting a kernel directly from kernel.org it may
not(without some patches).

I don't have personal experience with linux on sparc yet, Downloading
the woody ISOs for it now and plan to install it on my ultra 1 probably
tomorrow though.


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