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Re: how to build mozilla .deb's from sources?

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 03:11:46PM +0100, Matus fantomas Uhlar wrote:
> -> On 12/19/02 09:05, Matus "fantomas" Uhlar wrote:
> -> >I'd like to compile mozilla distribution directly from source/CVS.
> -> >Is there any 'easy' way to do it? I see there is already
> -> >build/packages/debian directory in sources from mozilla.org; however i was
> -> >not able to compile mozilla using it. 
> -> >
> -> >Can anyone help me with proper instructions?

Proper and easy way for any source is build it under /usr/local
following source documentation and you set your PATH right.

But what you really needed is install mozilla-snapshot and its friend.

  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 0.0.20021212.09.trunk-1
  Version Table:
     0.0.20021212.09.trunk-1 0
        800 http://http.us.debian.org unstable/main Packages

Anyway you want to run latest, you need to be unstable :)  Can you
habdle it?

> -> Here goes my way--not necessarily the _proper_ way (-:
Matus was right.  I agree but I would do this a bit differently If I had to
(I did not do this.)  After adding deb-src for unstable and in
testing environment (or in woody if you are lucky)

So if you wanted to rebuild for slightly old environment than latest

# apt-get build-dep mozilla-snapshot
# apt-get source -b mozilla-snapshot

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