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Re: Xterm behavior


Your lines are too long.

* Robert Storey <y2kbug@ms25.hinet.net> [2002-12-20 08:46]:
>1) The prompt. Under Debian, the Xterm prompt is: sh-2.05a$
>How can it make it obey this setting:  PS1='\u@\h:\w\$ '

You should set this in ~/.bashrc. Don't forget to export it, though
I'm not even positive this is required.

>2) Xterm ignores my settings in .bashrc and /etc/profiles concerning aliases. For example, I would like to add these settings:
>  alias rm='rm -i'
>  alias cp='cp -i'
>  alias mv='mv -i'
>  set -o noclobber
>I noticed that under Debian, my aliases in .bashrc are ignored, but I can set them system-wide in /etc/profiles. That seems weird - any ideas?

First make sure you *are* running bash in bash mode.
Second, forget X11 for a second until you are sure that your shell is
working. The alias thing should not be influenced by this, but you
never know.
Third, read up on bash's startup in the man page, INVOCATION.

What happens if you source the file containing the aliases? What about
other entries in .bashrc?

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