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Xterm behavior

Dear All,

Forgive me, I'm new to Debian. On other distros I've used, I can control the behavior (somewhat) of Xterm with the settings in .bashrc, but that doesn't seem to work in Debian.
Specifically, two things:

1) The prompt. Under Debian, the Xterm prompt is: sh-2.05a$
How can it make it obey this setting:  PS1='\u@\h:\w\$ '

2) Xterm ignores my settings in .bashrc and /etc/profiles concerning aliases. For example, I would like to add these settings:

  alias rm='rm -i'
  alias cp='cp -i'
  alias mv='mv -i'
  set -o noclobber

I noticed that under Debian, my aliases in .bashrc are ignored, but I can set them system-wide in /etc/profiles. That seems weird - any ideas?

best regards,
Robert Storey

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