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Re: Xterm behavior

On Friday 20 December 2002 08:46, Robert Storey wrote:
> 2) Xterm ignores my settings in .bashrc and /etc/profiles concerning aliases. For example, I would like to add these settings:

Beware, you are confusing things a bit.
It's not xterm which wants to read your .bashrc

xterm can start a shell and this is where your .bashrc may get read.

What is actually read depends on
  1) your shell, as specified in /etc/passwd
  2) the switches given to xterm (esp. -ls and +ls)

So what I suggest:
  a) assure that your login shell is bash.
     you can use the command 'chsh' to view/set your shell
  b) look whether there is a .profile in your HOME-directory
     (read the section INVOCATION in 'man bash')

HTH, Michael

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