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DLINK DFE-530TX install problems

I'm trying to install woody on a new machine, which has, among other
things, a DLINK DFE-530TX network card (and yes, before anyone asks,
I'm sure it's not a 530TX+)

This is apparently supported by the via-rhine driver. When installing
I pick this module and it installs fine, but the network is

Having configured the base system (from CD) and rebooted, everything
seems OK: the module loads and reports back seeming OK values from
eth0 (VIA VT6201 Rine-II etc)

However the network won't come up. When I try doing an ifup I get

SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable.

And any attempt to access the network gives Network is unreachable

Anyone have any ideas? It's been too long since I messed about at this

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