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Re: Configuring a mail server...

El jue, 19-12-2002 a las 19:17, Bob Proulx escribió:
> Calber Chainy <chainy@infonegocio.com> [2002-12-19 18:34:41 +0100]:
> > 
> > The objectives of the mail server is to give accounts to anyone in the
> > internet, i followed some howtos but I don't know how to configure some
> > things.  I searched but didn't find some comprehensive howto or
> > documentation...
> > 
> > The two main problems are:
> > 
> > I have to relay mail for anyone in the internet, not only for my local
> > network, what am I supposed to type then in /etc/mail/access?
> Negative.  If you are giving accounts to people then you do not need
> to give relay access to the Internet.  Relay access is the number one
> source of spam.  Creating an open relay is one of the most unfriendly
> and unneighborly network actions that you could possibly do.
> Also note that if you do operate an open relay your server will be
> listed in an open relay database.  At that time a large number of
> people will refuse to accept mail from your server.  It will be less
> than useful to operate a mail server from which people cannot receive
> mail.
> Bob

Ok, thanks for the advice, but then how do i control the access to my
smtp server? Actually I relay mail filtering by IP, but some people have
dinamic ip addresses


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