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path / fonts / cdrom

Hey guys,
1) i was installing jdk131 from a cd. i had to copy .bin file to my hd and change file permissions. But, when i tried to execute bin, i had this error " the file must be corrupted". so, i copied th file from windows and tried to execute on linux. then it works. Anyone has any ideia about this?
2) How i can make the executables files from jdk directory accessible from anywhere?
cause now to execute java command i have to do this /usr/local/jdk/bin/./java
but to install forte java ce i need to get jdk directory in my path. this is, i wanna execute ./java from my roor directory for example.
3) to install true types fonts i just have to make ttfmkdir > fonts.scale and then ttfmkdir? or i have to install some ttf server for x?
Iced Sun

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