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Re: path / fonts / cdrom

[Erk!  Wrap your lines at something sensible!]

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 03:18:37PM -0200, Gilberto Garcia Jr. wrote:
> 2) How i can make the executables files from jdk directory accessible
> from anywhere?  cause now to execute java command i have to do this
> /usr/local/jdk/bin/./java but to install forte java ce i need to get
> jdk directory in my path. this is, i wanna execute ./java from my roor
> directory for example.

Add /usr/local/jdk/bin/ to your $PATH varible, and you should be able to
just type 'java' to start it.

> 3) to install true types fonts i just have to make ttfmkdir >
> fonts.scale and then ttfmkdir? or i have to install some ttf server
> for x?

X > 4.0 does *not* need an external font server to work with TTF fonts.
Just point X at them and you'll be fine.


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