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Re: xntp v's ntp

-> 	No doubt someone in this forum will be able to enlighten me as to what are 
-> the differenced between xntp and ntp. Are they simply different 
-> implementations of the ntp protocol?
-> I have RTFM and STFW and haven't found a succinct list of the differenced 
-> (yet).
-> What are the benefits/drawbacks of each implementation given that they are 
-> not 100% compatable (from experience). 
-> We run a shop of linux (debian/SuSE) and Solaris. Both SuSe and Solaris use 
-> xntpd whist debian seams to prefer ntpd. It would be great to know the 
-> decisions behind why each distro went the way they did.
-> Maybe xntp's license contitions are not debian compatable?

afak it is the same daemon. 
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