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Re: Printer Recommendations?

On 16 Dec 2002, Nicolaus Kedegren wrote:
> > 
> I could not agree more with you. A used HPLJ4 cost me $125, and a
> "refill cartridge" about $45 at the same place. Although, I do believe
> that the toner cartridge was full, 500 pages so far and still going
> strong. 
> My personal "Computer related Best Buy" so far. Beats any other
> peripheral I have bought during the years come and gone since the
> Sinclair ZX80. ( Yeah, we are still alive).
> -- 
> Best Regards

I have a used HPLJ6, which I got for nothing because it was being thrown
out. It works well with Linux but the sheets in the paper feed
constantly stick together so it is difficult to use except for single
pages (which I think is why it was being thrown out in the first place).


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