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sharing CD-BURNER via iSCSI

Hi all,

	I would like to be able to share a SCSI cdrom burner between multiple hosts. 
 I was wondering about if it would be possible to set up the host with the 
scsi burner as a iSCSI server (being SCSI over the IP protocol) therefore 
allowing hosts on the network  with appropriate iSCSI drivers to access the 
burner over the iSCSI protocol. Thus be able to burn CD's from any host on 
the network DIRECTLY to the cd burner drive itself. 

Granted there would have to be some access locking mechanisim to prevent two 
people trying to burn a disk at one time. But would it be possible?

I must admit that I do not know a lot about iSCSI but I do know that it is 
normally for serving SCSI drives in a storage area network. 
Has anyone had experience with iSCSI. Are you able to poo-poo this idea from 
the onset or is it worth me spending some time looking in to. I know the 
network data latency would have to be small as not to get underruns etc but i 
am more interested in whether is it possible.

Ideas anyone?

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