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RE: putty logout hang

| Hi,
| Whenever I login to my woody server and run a command
| and place it in the background, I can't logout from the putty
| window properly.
| For example:
| I'll use putty (ssh), login and run an rsync command over the network.
| (This command may take 10 minutes)
| So I ^Z it, and then bg it to the background.
| I then use the exit command and I logout but the putty window hangs.
| If I don't have background commands running everything is fine.
| Anyone else have this problem?
| Its not really a big deal, just wondering if this is putty thing or what.
| Thanks
| Mike

I think that it's an (ba)sh/ssh(d)/init thing.  When you kill off the
connection, your child processes should chain up so that eventually init
should adopt them and take care of them until they die.  However, I don't
think that ssh(d) is doing it's job and orphaning them for init to adopt.  I
haven't tried any other windows ssh clients to see if this is true or not.
Otherwise putty isn't making a clean connection as other have said.



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