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Re: Runaway vim on SSH disconnect

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 10:13:26AM -0500, JP Glutting wrote:

| I have a problem with a Debian-stable (Wody) install. When I connect via 
| ssh to this box, and the connection gets cut while I am running a vim 
| session, vim runs out of control and the CPU usage goes up to 99.5%. The 
| process has to be killed manually. I have heard that this is a problem 
| with older versions of ssh, but I am using OpenSSH.

It happens with any terminal that can become disconnected from the

| Has anyone sen this?


| Does anyone know a workaround (other than a script that seeks and
| kills runaway vim sessions...)?

Yes and no.

| My apologies if this has been discussed before here - I can't seem to 
| search the archives of this list, and a Google search has not been very 
| productive.

I don't know if it was discussed here, but it was discussed on vim-dev
a year ago :


The problem is a generic one that comes with mixing threads and
signals.  If you compile vim without any threading whatsoever  then
you won't see this problem.  If vim is built with python (and probably
perl, ruby or tcl) then it will have threads linked in.


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