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Re: lm-sensors

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002 the mental interface of 
David Z Maze told:

> Elimar Riesebieter <riesebie@lxtec.de> writes:
> > 1  I installed lm-sensors, lm-sensors-source and i2c-source
> > 2  compiled the modules
> > 3  Did a lm-sensors detect
> Most people lose on step two, it appears.  If you built modules using
> 'make-kpkg modules-image', did you install the resulting package?  If
> you're using sid, 'sudo debian/rules modules-nokpkg' should Just Work
> if you're allergic to kernel-package.  

make-kpkg modules_image. The Kernel was built also with make-kpkg.

> If you do in fact have
> lm-sensors modules hiding somewhere under /lib/modules/2.4.20, then
> you're doing fine at this point.
> > but no LMXX was found.
> What version of lm-sensors are you using?  I've had minor issues
> keeping sensors-detect up-to-date; the current versions in both sid
> and sarge should work, though.

Completely sarge ;-)


> *frown*  From that output, it looks like you've done everything right;

Of course, I think so.

> it's possible that the version in unstable will work better for you,
> and also that the latest upstream version will work (the upstream
> changelog mentions a change to this particular driver).  I'll see if I
> can get the new upstream version packaged soon, maybe while I'm home
> sick today, 

Good betterment ;-)

> but it'll probably be some time before it sees unstable
> since I did some black magic to produce modules for stock kernels,
> which means new packages in unstable, which means a manual approval wait.

I've checked out www.lm-sensors.nu, but no approval for my chipset
found :(



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