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Re: Finally figured it out

Rob Weir <rweir@softhome.net> writes:

> [ ... ]
>> 2.  I noticed the following environment variable setting:
>>       GTK_RC_FILES=/etc/gtk/gtkrc:/home/ljz/.gtkrc:/home/ljz/.gtkrc-kde
>>     So, I created a $HOME/.gtkrc that contained the "style" and "class"
>>     statements.  That file doesn't get overwritten.
> Again, this is KDE playing games.  I think I mentioned the ~/.gtkrc file
> in my original response.

Yes, indeed you did.  But I got confused because there are no .gtkrc's
in any HOME directories on my system, only .gtkrc-kde files.  Because of
that, I incorrectly assumed that I have to stick with .gtkrc-kde in my
KDE environment.  Silly me.

>> [ ... ]
>> And now ... is any of this documented anywhere?  If so, where?
> Not sure, aside from the GTK source, I guess...I'm sure it's come up (at
> least) on the GTK lists over at gtk.org, so maybe try there?

I'll give it a shot.  This is really a pain to figure out without
suitable docs.  Thanks again.

 Lloyd Zusman

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