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Re: mutt won't send mail now

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 05:31:28PM -0500, cmustard@nyc.rr.com wrote:

> >Unless you have changed it, mutt's default is set to use
> >"/usr/sbin/sendmail -oem -oi", so you should not need an entry in
> >muttrc. 
> well, those entries were not in either mutt config file, i don't know why
> these 'disappeared' i re-entered them in both and it still doesn't appear
> to be sending, the exim log file states the the email's are 'frozen' (?)

I don't have those entries in my mutt config files either and
everything works; it is documented in the mutt help file. 

Since exim has frozen the messages, there should be earlier entries in
the logs on what the problem with the messages are. You could try
running eximon and thaw the message (or send a new message from
mutt) and watch new entries in exim log as to what problem is
occurring. You'll need to run eximon as root or "sudo eximon" to do
this. If you haven't used eximon before, run "man eximon" first.


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