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Re: problem converting and writing mp3 to CD

>> at a wild guess your cd writer is faster than your mp3 conversion.
>it's a Benq 32x10x40

sounds fast. If it's writing the tracks faster than mpg123 is making it 
that would be your problem cold.

>It's a script that i found on many sites though so that surprises me a bit.
>(it's mentioned in TLDP: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/CD-Writing-HOWTO-3.html)

are you running IDE hardware?

think about how it's all working

mpg123 is reading the mp3 track off your HD, creating a .wav file which it's 
putting back down your IDE channel, cdrecord is then trying to read the .wav 
file UP the channel and send it to the cdwriter back DOWN that channel.

if at any point in this frantic activity the cdwriter runs out of data to
lay down
it's going to barf.

having the cdwriter on a diferrent bus to the HD might help a bit.

personally I prefer not to gamble and just create the wav's and then burn

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