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Re: Exchange Calendar client?

On 12/12/2002 4:13 PM, Robert L. Harris pounded the keyboard with stubby
fingers to type:

Not an option, the CEO is doing the "exchange is the only true calendar
app!" thing.  I'd rather not come back with a "but linux doesn't work
nicely with that proprietary, bloated PoS" as he'd only hear "linux
doesn't work"...

Why isn't it an option? As long as it can do WebDav which Outlook calendar does, and of course as does Moz Calendar, then they will talk to each other. The beauty of Moz calendar is that it's platform agnostic, much like Moz. ;)

Of course MOz calendar being new, it won't be as pretty as Outlook's calendar.

However I've heard good things about Gnome's Exchange clone (can't think of the name offhand).

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