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Re: Exchange Calendar client?

Not an option, the CEO is doing the "exchange is the only true calendar
app!" thing.  I'd rather not come back with a "but linux doesn't work
nicely with that proprietary, bloated PoS" as he'd only hear "linux
doesn't work"...

Thus spake Steve (sallen@on.aibn.com):

> On 12/12/2002 9:46 AM, Robert L. Harris pounded the keyboard with stubby
> fingers to type:
> >
> >
> >  Well, the CEO is doing the old hot and heavy for calendaring.  Despite
> >the fact he only schedules meetings with the other CXO's and no-one else
> >cares about the (dis-)function everyone needs it now.  I'm on the hunt
> >for a non-M$ installation option.  We're currently looking at Citrix and
> >Codeweavers of course.  Can I get any other suggestions of a client
> >that'll talk MAPI and do exchange callendar functionality?  
> Take a look at Mozilla calendar, the folks at IBM are pushing for a good 
> Mozilla calendar, which tentatively is scheduled for the 1.3b release.
> I'm playing with it now and it coming along pretty good. They're trying to 
> get it on par with iCal.
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