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My linksys router can't see the name of my linux box...

I have a linux box and a win xp box connected to a linksys firewall router.  They’re sharing an internet connection and are able to ping each other as long as I use their IP address.  However, only my xp box is recognized by name by my router.  The linux box appears to be nameless. 


So I can do


ping winxpmain


from the linux box and all is well. 


But I can only do ping




from the windows box to see the linux box.  ping <hostname> doesn’t work.


I looked on the web page of my router and, sure enough, the linux box is unnamed and the windows box is named.


I know that I can edit my /etc/hosts file to give the IP addresses names, but won’t that get screwed up as soon as machines get shut down and are assigned new ip addresses from my router when they’re rebooted?


I did ‘man hostname’ and learned that dnsdomainname appears to be the key variable in all this, but it can’t be set directly, and it pointed me to /etc/hosts to set it, which seemed a bit klugey.


Any advice would be appreciated…




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