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Re: Is it possible to switch these processors?

"Wathen, Metherion" <mwathen@bsadesign.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> I have an older system with a P100 processor, I have another older system
> with P450 processor. what dangers do i face in swapping the processors?
> thanks in advance.
> mw

   If they have the same pin-count and the same voltage, then you
might as well try it, although some motherboards have jumpers one can
set so as to accommodate different CPUs with different voltage
requirements and speeds. For the latter you should check the
motherboard's manual (it may be on the web if you do not possess a

   One of the reasons I suggest just doing it to find out is because I
did exactly that (I replaced a generic 33MHz 486 [/proc/cpuinfo could
not determine the manufacturer] with a Intel 486 DX2) and sure enough,
it worked!


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