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Re: mozilla mail reader

Bruce Park wrote:
Hello debian users,

I am currently using Mozilla 1.0.0 and I noticed a strange effect in the mail reader. The mail reader has "fields" such as subject, date, etc. In the date field, I get the time when the mail was sent or received instead of the date. Is this field configurable? I already e-mailed the admin and asked. He told me that it was working well for others and himself.
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


It shows time - only for "todays" messages. All other, older messages will show the date AND time. Take a look at your "sent" folder to see an example of what it looks like.

Why would you want to change this? I have the date and time on my KDE desktop clock on the task bar...no need to duplicate this info, IMHO.

-Don Spoon-

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