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RE: server monitoring program

On 10 Dec 2002, 18:27:46, Mikael Jirari wrote:
> I know bb4 do that quite well and it's portable on unix and windows.
> I think mrtg do something like that as well (disk use, load of the
> processor)

Sitescope from Freshwater Software downloads a page, and then downloads it
again as often as you tell it do, runs a diff, and emails/pages if:

it can't download it
it's different

You could do this yourself with a script pretty easily these days, since
you can email pagers via script trivially.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kevin Coyner [mailto:kevin@rustybear.com] 
> Sent: 10 December 2002 18:15
> To: Debian User
> Subject: server monitoring program
> Looking for a recommendation of a server monitoring program to use.
> I'm responsible for serveral different websites that are run on
> independent ISP/hosts.  A couple of these sites are on Win2K boxes, and
> a couple on Linux.
> I'm looking for a program that does simple testing to see if these sites
> are "just up and running" (i.e. as simple as a periodic ping).  Almost
> needless to say, I'm not on the same network as these machines, so
> firewalls will be present on both my end and the server end.
> I'll run the program from a Debian box.
> Thanks
> Kevin

Doug MacFarlane

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