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Re: Sounds of silence--I want volume!

Carel Fellinger wrote:

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 12:20:38AM +0000, Chris Owen wrote:
Try running (as root)
chmod ugo+rwx /dev/cdrom

I think it's ill advice, not worthy of this list --sory for the rant,
it's not personally, it's just that you're not the first to give such
nonsensical advice, it seems that it's even a favourite one lately:(--
, to advice people to mess with those flags where the proper way is to
add users to specific groups.  In this case the cdrom group.  And
whilst the OP is add it, he might as well check he's in the audio group

Consider me humbly chastised for being "not worthy" of contributing to the list, I will wait until I get my PHd in Debian Linux before trying to be helpful again. However, perhaps you can explain to this unworthy soul why my advice was "nonsensical"? I merely assumed that, like 99.9% of users, Haralambos wants all the users on his machine to be able to access his CD-ROM...

I accept that your method is more sophisticated, and even better; but not that mine is nonsensical. Mine does have the advantage that it works, there's no problem with it that I can see, and he won't have to remember this whole rigmarole again if he ever adds a new user then wonders why they can't access the CD (wait, I'm sure I had this problem before, back in December 2002, let me just go through the mailing list archives...)

Best wishes,


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