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Re: Sounds of silence--I want volume!

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 12:20:38AM +0000, Chris Owen wrote:
> Haralambos Geortgilakis wrote:
> Try running (as root)
> chmod ugo+rwx /dev/cdrom

I think it's ill advice, not worthy of this list --sory for the rant,
it's not personally, it's just that you're not the first to give such
nonsensical advice, it seems that it's even a favourite one lately:(--
, to advice people to mess with those flags where the proper way is to
add users to specific groups.  In this case the cdrom group.  And
whilst the OP is add it, he might as well check he's in the audio group

> If your sound card uses other devices, such as /dev/dsp or /dev/mixer, 
> you may need to do the same to these too.

I knew it:), to access those you need to be in the audio group.

Haralambos, maybe you should check your system again, and undo all those
chmod commands, and instead use the appropriate groups?

groetjes, carel

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