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Re: phpgroupware setup guide

  I have got phpgroup ware installed successfully. My packages are:
phpgroupware                                    install
phpgroupware-addressbook                        install
phpgroupware-admin                              install
phpgroupware-api                                install
phpgroupware-bookmarks                          install
phpgroupware-calendar                           install
phpgroupware-core                               install
phpgroupware-email                              install
phpgroupware-preferences                        install
phpgroupware-setup                              install
apache                                          install
apache-common                                   install
debconf                                         install
debconf-utils                                   install
php3                                            install
php3-doc                                        install
php3-imap                                       install
php3-ldap                                       install
php3-mysql                                      install
php3-xml                                        install
wwwconfig-common                                install

  I can't remember what I did to get it working though. I'm running


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