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Re: what's everyone's favorite audio setup?

On Mon, 2002-12-02 at 15:28, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> How do you multiplex sound with ALSA ? I use the ALSA driver on an
> ESS1371 but I can't get more than one app outputing sound, be it with
> ALSA native or with OSS device driver.

With ALSA, you have to use hardware which supports hardware mixing
of PCM channels. 
Examples include:

 Yamaha Waveforce 192 XG
 Yamaha Waveforce 192 Digital
 Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
 Trident 4DWave DX/NX
 Creative Labs Soundblaster Live series
 Cards with the Cirrus Logic CS46xx chipsets

See http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/ for a more complete

If you're willing to use the commercial OSS drivers, I believe
they include software mixer.  This of course means higher CPU 
utilization, but depending on your purposes, may work out quite

Steven Yap <syap@shaw.ca>

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