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Re: what's everyone's favorite audio setup?

On Sunday 01 Dec 2002 9:07 pm, sean finney wrote:
> hi all,
> i'm getting tired by my many audio-wanting apps not getting along
> with one another, and i'm looking to switch to some kind of audio
> environment that allows multiple programs access to the soundcard
> at the same time.  i know there are a few programs out there
> that do this (libarts, esd, ...?), but i'd like to hear from other
> folks and get their opinions for the better or worse before starting
> experimenting myself.

This feature seems to have quietly slipped in to ALSA 0.9 without much 
fanfare. I can use a variety of apps (not more than one oss one mind you) at 
the same time, and this isnt a sound blaster live :)

If your apps dont have alsa and only oss support though, i would reccomend 
arts. Ive been using it for a while. 


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