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Re: In a bind about named and network printing.

This one time, at band camp, Paul Lewis said:
> I have been playing with my local networks 'named' and finally got it 
> working more or less the way I think it should. Evidence for this is 
> that I can ping <local machine name> and it returns the fully qualified 
> machine name plus the ping responces. This works on all machines except 
> the server 'named' is actually running on. Where the ping goes off 
> along the cable modem never to resolve (my network is strictly a local 
> affair). So far so good.

This seems like the problem here, actually.

> What is really causing me to scratch my head is that suddenly ( at the 
> same time ) the printer located on my server (the same server which 
> runs named) no longer works for print jobs across the network. The 
> print jobs are all queued on my debian machine but never get printed on 
> my redhat server.
> I am pretty sure it is related to my tinkerings but just can't see 
> where the problem lies. Any suggestions?

If the debian box can't resolve the print server, how can it send print
jobs to it?  Fix name resolution, either within named, or just add it to
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