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Re: how to let linux(2.2.18) read the cd-rw-disk formatted in xp

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 04:01:32PM +1000, Andrew R Reid wrote:
   > Adaptec Easy CD Creator uses UDF packet writing.  UDF allows you to
   > use a CD-RW or even CD-R as a very slow hard drive like device.
   > Recent Linux kernels (I think) have this as an option if you create
   > a custom kernel.  Writing UDF is experimental and not recommended
   > at this stage.
Well, I could not read such a cd on my linux system. Yes, I had loaded
the necessary modules, etc. Maybe the programs still need development.
Till, then we have to suffer the cd's sent by people who do not bother
to write things properly.

   > With easy-cd creator, you should be able to make the cd readable on
   > all systems after you have written the data to the cd.  Selecting
   > this option will make a iso9660 on the cd.  I haven't used it for
   > years, but I remember something like that.  This will mean you can
   > mount your cd on Linux.
The common thing that I have seen in a couple of cd-writing programs is
   Open the explorer window
   Right click on the cd-drive (writer)
   Select Eject.
     It generally pops up a window wherein you say yes to the option
     of making the cd readable on "other" systems. As a bonus, we can
     also disable completely fixing the cd, thus making it "rewritable".


Sridhar M.A.

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		-- Goldsmith

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