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Woes with X config

I know this is probably pathetic, but I am having trouble getting Xserver to run -- I think.  This is my first time installing Linux, so much of the technical details, which would be helpful to know, are beyond me at the moment.  I have included the file /var/log/XFree86.0.log as an attachment for those who are curious.  I am installing on a system with NVidia GeForce2 GTS as a graphics card, Gateway2000 Vivitron 1100 for the monitor, and standard 104-key qwerty/us keyboard and 2 Button PS/2 mouse with a scroll wheel.  As shown in the log file, the screen X is using is said not to have a proper configuration whenever I use the 'nv' driver for my graphics card.  When I use the 'vga' driver instead, X runs through all the modes for the screen -- not accepting any of them -- and reports that it could not find a usable screen.  I have some more specific information -- hsync rates, vert refresh rates, video memory, etc. -- which I found but may not be accurate, and would be happy 
 to share with anyone via email who takes an interest/pity in my case.


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